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Sparkler required a new website; something fresh and current. This was in 2017 and Sparkler's previous website was just short of 8 years old. Neededless to say, it required a lick of paint.

Sparkler wanted something that not only reinvigorated their online presence, but also sang about the amazing work they do. Everything they touch comes to life, so why shouldn't their website.

Content was key. Which is driven from a third part blog application and social media. Steadweb Ltd knew exactly what Sparkler wanted and how to implement it within the timescales.

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Simple. This was the first and foremost point Steadweb Ltd stated. We wanted to create a solution that worked for Sparkler. We started off small, building the skeleon of the website and wire framing the elements. Nothing was custom, all of it was content that Sprakler already had, we just used it to their advantage.

Fast. Slow websites really do impact performance in terms of SEO and UX. We knew what stack would work and beneift from this solution, and how easy it would be to deploy and roll out changes as and when required.

Reliable. Steadweb Ltd provided Sparkler with a custom JavaScript application that is deployed via Heroku; every time a commit is pushed. Without fail.

Maintainable. Everything from CI / CD right through to HTML / CSS has all been laid out correctly and built usint React components, so each part of the website can be interchanged or swapped out.

Robust. Nothing breaks; and we mean nothing. Everything that comes back as a failure from an external service is handled. Data that isn't present isn't displayed to the user. We really thought about the end product and how we'd present it without it looking horrid. It works.



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A simple, effective and dynamic website. Something Sparkler hadn't seen before. Steadweb Ltd delivered on all points. A fresh, responsive website, that communicates with an existing platform to deliver their digital content with ease.

More importantly, Steadweb Ltd took this site and made it our own. We bought life to the design, with subtle animiations, easy UX and fluid motion across each component.

The one key part of the build was to maintain simplicity, and Steadweb Ltd were able to deliver this both frontend and backend. Sparkler came away with a system that's easy to maintain and includes zero managment when deploying new changes to the website. Effortless deployments of content and code was baked in from day one.